Storage Contract Terms

Terms of Contract

This month to month rental agreement is for an outdoor storage space located at 469 South Kellogg Way, Goleta, Ca 93117 is executed between EdandBob,LLC dba A-AA SB RV Storage (known as the Lessor) and (name listed on this application) known as the Lessee.  It is agreed between the parties hereto as follows: Description of the premises, Lessor hereby leases to lessee, and lessee hires from Lessor on the terms and condition hereinafter set forth, the following described real property:

Parking Space on the property of 469 S. Kellogg Way, Goleta, CA 93117 (hereinafter called the “premises” or “outdoor parking space”.

  1. Monthly storage fees. 1 full month minimum rental. Storage fees begin on the contract date and continue through the last day of the last month of occupancy.  Storage space is not prorated in the last month unless space is rented to a new tenant.
  2. Storage fees, late fees, bounced check fees are non-refundable.
  3. No monthly invoice or statement is sent out to lessee.
  4. We accept checks, money orders, and credit cards.
  5. To ensure proper credit to your account, please mail all payments and contracts to: 6051 Stow Canyon Road, Goleta, Ca 93117. Make all checks payable to A-AA SB RV Storage.
  6. Prior to storing anything you must complete the required fields on the website, read, complete, and sign the Storage Contract, and pay all initial fees and become an Authorized Storage Facility Patron.
  7. The premises are available for use by Authorized Storage Facility Patrons only.  Trespassers will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  8. Upon execution of this contract, Lessee shall pay the first month’s rent and Security deposit.  Rent shall be paid monthly in advance on the first day of each and every calendar month.
  9. Additional security deposit may be required for some storage items.
  10. Use: The premises are leased to Lessee for the purpose of storage of ONE vehicle per space.  Vehicle includes: Motor Homes, Trailers, Vans, Cars, Boats, Campers, 5th Wheels, and Container owned by Lessee, and for no other use.  No property which is not wholly owned by Lessee shall be stored on the premises.  Any exceptions must be identified in writing to EdandBob, LLC or will be considered abandoned property.  Unidentified items will be removed at the owners’ expense.  Any merchandise, materials, supplies or equipment stored in or on any vehicle or trailer shall be covered and contained inside of vehicle or suitable storage container box.  This contact shall be for storage of uninhabited vehicles only.
  12. LICENSES & REGISTRATION fees must be paid & kept current on all vehicles, or a non-operating permit obtained.  A copy of the current registration and/or title on all property stored is required.
  13. INSURANCE – Lessee shall secure and maintain fire, extended coverage, theft and mysterious disappearance and comprehensive liability insurance, covering the full insurable value of vehicle and goods stored on premises.
  14. Lessor reserves the right to refuse any vehicle or container at any time without explanation.